Erin Taylor is an exceptional writer, an exceptional traveler, and an exceptional friend. Her description here of Travel Magic does it more than justice — she is spreading it with her every written word. Thanks Erin for sharing!

The Kids' Table

Danny first used the term Travel Magic in Santa Fe when some friendly guys having a going away party turned a wasted rainy day in a boring city into one of our trip’s best stories. After that, the magic dusted us at seemingly random intervals. Sometimes we both felt exhausted and burnt out, and it was nowhere to be seen. Other times I had no idea how much I needed it until it alit on my shoulder and whispered comfort in my ear. It made an appearance at a swanky New Years party in Brazil where I met someone from home just at the part of the trip when I started to feel most homesick. It returned when that passing friendly comment I made to a British girl named Orchid in line for the ATM turns into an invitation to join her friends on an adventure to a postcard perfect…

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