Selfie with Al Gore

The one and only Al, and Katie Vogel
The one and only Al, and Katie Vogel

You know when you’re just on the bus and you see a sign for Al Gore Town Hall Forum at Westminster Church in Minneapolis and you attend the talk and then you all casual hassle him as he leaves and take a cool pic? No?

It went like this. Al Gore is done signing books and his assistant tells everybody sorry Mr. Gore has to leave. This is when I make my move. I say “Mr. Gore can you sign my book please?” And he stops and kindly signs my book – and by my book, I mean my own personal notebook with Mickey Mouse on the cover, where I write things like “definitely remember to get the #3 tuna when going to jimmy john’s tomorrow.” He signed it like a champ and his assistant ushered him away. He was getting hassled by a few other stooges that were all like “I’m a doctor and I really appreciate what you said about the medical community…” blah blah blah, and I did a quick shimmy shuffle and headed him off and said “Hey can I get a picture really quick while we walk? It’ll be a selfie!” and he said “Uh, yeah.” And then the whole picture thing happened and he was very diplomatic and then I giggled all the way to work because I TOOK A SELFIE WITH AL GORE.

My first reaction when meeting one of the most influential people on the planet was to ask him to sign my diary that has Mickey Mouse on the cover and stop him to take a selfie. Can’t judge me. I’m just a 90s kid with a smartphone.

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