Hey Nerds! End of Semester Limerick Sale

Are finals getting you down and you need a witty 5-line poetic pick-me-up? Are you a senior and need something to calm you down before you are thrust into the horribly frightening abyss of terror that is grown-up-ship? Hate your roommates and want to finally tell them in rhyme before your lease is up? WELL! Very Merry Vogel is here for you!

Order a limerick and you will be as happy as these 2011 grad nerds.

For a very limited time, you can get your own customized limerick for you or a friend for only $4. 2 for $8, 3 for $10. In case it’s unclear, THAT’S A FRIGGIN STEAL so buy now and start laughing! I’m even waiving the rush order fee – you will get your limerick within 48 hours of order, no extra charge. WOW! And a witty cartoon costs $2. COOL!

Post on my wall, tweet me @vogelian, email kvogel.esq@gmail.com, or call me, or anything. Get these limericks while you can! They are gems that last a lifetime! And I’m a writer/sailor/gardener now so translation any extra income is welcome and you would be supporting a great cause which is me!

Also if you’re not at the end of a semester and just want a limerick you still get the sale.

And a Very Merry Vogel to you!

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