Emerson on Heroism

This poem is important for learning how to be a hero and also not getting diabetes.


“Paradise is under the shadow of swords.” – Mahomet.

Ruby wine is drunk by knaves

Sugar spends to fatten slaves,

Rose and vine-leaf deck buffoons;

Thunderclouds are Jove’s festoons,

Drooping oft in wreaths of dread

Lightning-knotted round his head:

The hero is not fed on sweets

Daily his own heart he eats;

Chambers of the great are jails,

And head-winds right for royal sails.

The Essential Writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edited by Brooks Atkinson, ©2000.

2 thoughts on “Emerson on Heroism

  1. interesting… not sure that eating heart would be very good for one’s own heart though. Organ meat has LOTS of cholesterol!

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