The Best Advice

12 hours til launch to Boston! Much to do, and I was feeling slightly daunted by all the tasks before me. THEN I received some extremely wise words from my best friend Allison:

“Goooooodbye! have fun. be safe. always have peanut butter with you. drive safe. don’t get too lost. don’t spend all your money because i don’t want you to live in a box. do things i wouldn’t do. tell people about me. don’t forget that MN is cool even though it doesn’t have an ocean. good luck!”

That is the best advice I have ever received so sweetly and succinctly and just at the right time. My wish for you, whoever you are, is that you have someone in your life that is wise enough to know that stuff and loving enough to say it, because while it’s nice to go off and have adventures, they’re not worth much when you don’t have brilliant, inspiring people with whom you can come home and share them. Thanks Allison, thanks Friendz, family. Armed with wisdom and peanut butter, here I go!

Best Buddies
Best Buddies

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