Breathing Under Water

Looking Up
Looking Up from 30 Ft Under

Lest it’s been underemphasized, Scuba diving is really cool. Breathing under water is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced – nothing. Scuba diving for the first time was like living my whole life looking at rainbows and suddenly seeing a new color – maybe the one between green and blue. I never could have imagined the experience before doing it, but once I was down there, FEELING it, I couldn’t imagine having ever lived without it in my palette.

These are the colors of the sea. On a barge. UNDERWATER.

When you’re underwater, you’re alone. There’s nothing else for it. You have a tank, your fins, and your breath. That’s it. You can’t touch anything – it’s dangerous. You touch something and it will sting you or bite you or make your limbs feel like fire. You can’t talk. Well you can but it just sounds like Darth Vader with a head cold. So all you do is… breathe. And float. And listen. And watch. It’s wonderful.

That’s my favorite fish. If you know his species name, tell me, thanks.

I’m moving to Boston in 36 hours and I’m very excited to sail the sea there. But I do believe I’ll be moving to warmer waters come winter so I can commune with the underwater world once again. This land life is nice, but being underwater, looking up and seeing the fiery sun through a dense layer of liquid sound – well, why would I choose to be anywhere else?

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