Things My Friends Built

It is good to have friends. It is extra good when said friends are fantastical, whimsical, theatrical, philosophical and creative in every way. I consider myself lucky on many accounts, but mostly because I have fantastical friends. I am pleased to share with the Bureau two works of art from two of my friends. Enjoy.

Art 1) From Abbey Holt, whimsical machine engineer. She built this Rube machine for Target.


Art 2) From Dr. Clifford E. Knapp: writer, naturalist, outdoor teacher extraordinaire (click here for more about Cliff, click here to check out his amazing book, Sourcebook of Experiential Education). Click here to read a lovely, lovely poem written by Dr. Knapp, entitled: “I Am Where I’ve Been”. Snippet:

“Now I linger longer listening to hidden forest singers. I see more clearly where I gazed blindly before.”

To be in Nature is very exciting.

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