Adventures by the Sea — Kayak California

My new video for Adventures by the Sea is live, check it out. I work as a kayak guide for Adventures by the Sea in Monterey, and this footage is from a tour of Stillwater Cove, which is just north of Big Sur and Carmel off the shore of the famous Pebble Beach golf course, west side of the Monterey Peninsula, exposed to the Pacific. I shot this footage on a gorgeous day in January, and everything went right- dolphins, jellies, kelp, thread the needle, otters, pristine ocean paradise right here at home. I’m holding the camera the whole time, either a Nikon point and shoot or a Go Pro chesty.

I hope this makes you want to get outdoors and see a dolphin, because that’s the good life! I’m excited about this project- sharing the beauty of the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur is becoming very important to me. This place is rapidly feeling like home even though I’ve been here less than a year. Enjoy.

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