Brilliant Young Writer Astounds Twin Cities with Limericks

Anna the Artist
Anna the Limerick Writer, Chief Backyard Acting Artist Adventurer

It is common knowledge that the Twin Cities are renowned for their limerick writing and artist community. Today, 13-year-old limericist Anna Reynolds rose to prominence in these reputable ranks, establishing herself as a talented artistic presence at the Vogelian Adventure Bureau. Anna was hired on the spot for the Bureau as Chief Backyard Acting Artist Adventurer after producing two gorgeous limericks in the span of mere minutes. Adding to the admirable quality of the written work is the content, which is the Adventurer in Chief herself, Katie Vogel (who is extremely flattered and flabbergasted by Anna’s complimentary words, and is very proud to have Anna as a co-worker). Thank you Anna- you are very talented, and we look forward to reading more of your work and watching for your art as you grow in your artistic career. Her limericks:

She was pretty as can be,
To everyone that could see,
She was nice and stylish,
She was everything you could wish,
She was not only pretty but as witty as you could possibly be.

There was once a girl who did it all,
She stayed in a place called St Paul,
She was best at her work,
She never did shirk,
She was always on the ball.

Vogelian Adventure Bureau is proud to publish Anna’s work!

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