Success is being able to sleep at night

I’ve been away for awhile, and I don’t feel like returning because it all seems overwhelming  – “it” being the operative word for “life.” Luckily I just came across a journal entry I’d written a year ago, and it inspired me – I inspired me. Right now I feel rather unsuccessful, but the definition of success in this journal is something I can work with. I’m hopeful. The entry below:


“You know what I think success might be? Being able to turn your eyes to your future and your past and not pass out from the shock of it. Being able to look at the things you’ve done, linger there for a moment – not stay too long, not get stuck – and go on. Not be too proud or excited – you’re never as great as you thought you’d be. Not get too dejected – you’re never as awful as you imagine. Acknowledge where you’ve been, say thank you and turn to face front. Look ahead of you without dread. Fix your eyes on something in front of you and head towards it, willingly, modestly. Victory is not success and success is not victory. Succes is being able to sleep at night and rise in the morning. That’s what I think.”

Well done.

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