Video: Moments after the blasts near Kenmore Square

I was running towards the finish line to meet friends who had finished the race. The runners all stopped. The police all ran. There are many videos going around right now online. This was my view from the the sidelines a few blocks past Kenmore Square, one stop before Copley, the finish line. Everyone stay safe, help your neighbors, send your love to Boston and around the world.


One thought on “Video: Moments after the blasts near Kenmore Square

  1. This is so eerie for me to watch. It’s been 5 months and it’s still so terrifying for me to remember that day.

    The anniversary of September 11th yesterday got me thinking about remembering tragic events, and wondering what Marathon Monday will look like next year. I’ll just cross my fingers and hope that we spend the day surrounded by people who care about us… Whether its Boston, Minneapolis, or Costa Rica…

    Love you Katie! 🙂

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