I went to church — Another stroll on Nicollet

"some sort of church" @kvogel
“some sort of church” @kvogel

“I went to church”

I went to church on a Wednesday afternoon. I rang the bell.
I said I am new to this town, I am a visitor here.
A cheerful voice said come in, come in.
I entered and I tried three doors, locked.
I looked at the art on the wall and my eyes began to tear.

On the wall there was a carving of two humans, man and woman.
They were on their knees looking up at the sun.
They were joyful because they had been created.
It was the seventh day and God was glad with them.

Their happiness became my happiness,
and when I took to the city streets,
the joy in their eyes was alive in mine,
and I did not feel so alone.

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