Moonrise Over Split Rock Lighthouse

Is a deceptive title for this post because the pictures show a conspicuous lack of moon rising on this cloudy, northern Minnesotan adventure.

Katie Hikes Lake Superior
Katie Hikes Lake Superior

The trip was clarifying. We stopped for lunch at Judy’s cafe in Two Harbors. It was delicious. We attended a photography workshop that was a tag team production of ‘s John Gregor, the Minnesota Historical Society, and the lovely staff of Split Rock Lighthouse. Excellent trip.

When the clouds refused to clear twenty minutes after apparent moonrise, many disgruntled and fairweather photographers left the premises in search of warmth and solace in the forms of beer and complaining. I stayed, and I saw something spectacular.


While the moon did not present itself in full, as promised, it hugged the clouds closely while it rose, sneaking a glance at great Lake Superior below at precisely 5:41pm, cst. And I captured it with my camera.

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