Happy Father’s Day Limerick for Dick Vogel

Dad and Bike

Happy Father’s Day Dick Vogel

Dick Vogel, you’re really the best,

World’s Number 1 Dad, no contest,

The next time we meet,

Let’s get something to eat,

And then watch an episode of NCIS.

Dad, you’ve taught me so many things (including but not limited to the appreciation of a good television crime drama). Thank you for all of your support on all my crazy adventures, for remaining professional as a cinematographer and not stopping filming my adventure sale commercial even when I crashed my unicycle, for teaching me how to play darts and blackjack, and most of all for being an all around awesome dad and role model. I hope when I’m an old fart like you I can be a cool professor and go snowshoeing to take photos of bald eagles. I love you.

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