21st-Century Heroes! 20-Somethings Unite!

I spent the last week of my life eating ice cream and wine for dinner every night while house sitting in a Boston suburb with two cats to keep me company. I also went to four goodbye parties for various friends moving away to med school, law school, successful people school, etc. I am now in Sleepy Hollow, New York visiting my grandmother, and on Wednesday I move onto an island in Boston Harbor to become a sailing intern for three months. Yeah that’s right – these days you even need an internship to be a sailor. I have no plan for after my three-month island stint. Amendment: I have no plan.

I’d like to think of myself as a revolutionary. I am, after all, currently recording a new podcast with fellow Flying Canoe adventurer Aaron Birr and I’m pretty sure everything we say is dripping with ironic revolutionary gold. But does a revolutionary avoid her Gmail account because sometimes even Groupon is overwhelming? Does a revolutionary decide to watch a 30 Rock marathon on Netflix instead of Mad Men because she can only commit to 22-minute segments of tele-drama rather than a whole 48 minutes? Does a revolutionary write blog entries? WWWWW? (What would Walt Whitman write?)

Well for all of you 20-something discouraged revolutionaries, hear this: I got nothing. I did go to see The Avengers movie 3D a week ago though, and it really inspired me, so maybe go see that. In fact, that movie so moved me (the action! the drama! the wry sarcasm! Robert Downey Jr!) that this poem came out of me.

A life is lived to probe the depths of mind… (click for more…)

This is my definition of Heroism – 21st-century-20-something Heroism, laughing-so-we-don’t-cry Heroism, writing-iambic-pentameter-poetry-like-it’s-1675-even-though-it’s-2012-and-nobody-effing-cares Heroism. We’re just doing what we do, and honestly that’s not so bad. WWWWW?

Old or young, male or female, rude, low, rejected by the rest, whatever you are promulges itslef,

Through birth, life, death, burial, the means are provided, nothing is scanted,

Through angers, losses, ambition, ignorance, ennui, what you are picks its way.

– “To You”

WW would have had a kickass blog.

2 thoughts on “21st-Century Heroes! 20-Somethings Unite!

  1. That means a lot to me Ben. I hope you are revolutionizing whatever sector of this wacky world in which you are currently participating, be it grad schooling, serial sitcom watching, or any of the other grand occupations. I myself have recently been taking poetry classes and drinking too much wine. It feels pretty revolutionary and pretty good.

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