Vogelian Adventure Sale Commercial

Hello! I’m back in Minnesota, United States after some great adventures in Costa Rica (pictures and poems coming soon). I’m moving to Boston in one week to be a sailor and a writer. Before I go, I’m hosting a Vogelian Adventure Sale, which is a lot like a garage sale except it has all my adventure stuff that won’t fit in my car. Notable items include Marge the electric yellow moped ($300), windsurfer package ($100), a pogo stick (price tbd) and a lovely little gem featured in this commercial. Sale in Shoreview, MN, Thursday Friday Saturday April 12-14. This commercial is pretty funny.

A Nice Commercial

This most excellent windsurfer package (Bic Samba 1995 board, foot straps and daggerboard; 2 sails: Bic 5 and Energy Sails 4.7; boom, mast, fin, and a free lesson) is for sale for $100. Buy it!


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