Contest Winners Announced: Each Receive Dinosaur!

Saber-Toothed Squirrel
Artistic reconstruction of one of the lesser-known dinosaurs, the Saber-toothed Squirrel, photo courtesy of National Geographic

The winners of the first-one-to-send-Katie-mail-in-the-PO-box-gets-free-limericks contest are in! From Bowling Green and Boston, they are:

  • Megan Gormley
  • Gail Fitzgerald and Family
  • The Clark-Schulte-Mamdouhi Family

Thank you ever so much for your cards and letters! They are beautiful and were perfect for christening PO Box 381.

Christmas Winner
The Schulte-Mamdouhi-Clark Family Christmas Card

As promised, each of you win limericks – dinosaur limericks! Since there were 3 winners and 3 limericks promised, we will split the limericks between you, and I throw in a witty cartoon apiece out of the goodness of my heart. These winners get to pick the dinosaur of their choice and I will write a good, old-fashioned dino-limerick for them. (You can get your own dinosaur limerick here.)

I invite all of you to send your Christmas cards, awkward family photos, new year’s resolutions, or cool stickers to Kathryn Vogel, PO Box 381, Circle Pines, MN 55014. Excellent mail will get posted to this very website.

Awkward Astronaut Family Photo
Awkward Astronaut Family Photo

Thank you again, looking forward to hearing from you, and a Very Merry Vogel to You!

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