I am a sunrise


Some people are sunsets, and they’re pretty too,
But I am a sunrise, I’m pink over blue,
I get up in the morning, I start my day right,
I play with the day, and at night I try to sleep.

Did you know a sunrise never stops dreaming?
Sometimes she forgets how it is to be sleeping,
She is very busy making the world brighter,
And she doesn’t stop dreaming because for her, dreaming is breathing.

I am a sunrise, I roll with the tide,
I am a sunrise, I’ve nothing to hide,
I am a sunrise, I need sleep at night,
But I never stop dreaming.
Do you want to come along for the ride?

No? Well that’s fine, I get it,
You’re a sunset, don’t sweat it,
Just know that I’m waiting, patiently, sated,
I’m awaiting your call, my breath rays are bated.

I’ve been waiting and waiting a very long time,
Because I thought there was room for only one sunrise,
But it turns out we’re all over the place, just hiding.

We should remember there’s no time for biding,
Now is our time, now is our call,
We can’t hide, we can’t fall,
We are the sunrise, we’re bigger than them all,
But only when we shine together.

Yes, together we can set this place on fire.
Now I’m off to bed. I just remembered I’m very tired.


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