Places to Go

Highway, K Vogel 2012

I’m a little bit sad.
A little bit overwhelmed.
I don’t know why- I’m fine.

I go to my favorite coffee shop
And I sit in my chair.
The place is bustling on a Friday night.
I’m surprised but I don’t mind.

Things at work have been all right.
The people are kind.
Larry is funny but he doesn’t know it.
Tom is gorgeous. A dream wrapped in a cardigan.
Jason is crazy but that’s his charm.
Jack is high. He’s cute.
Caleb doesnt have a clue. He’s cute too.

I’ve been eating well-
Not too much and more vegetables,
That’s what you’re supposed to do.
I look in the mirror and my face looks fat.
Don’t know what to do about that.
I’d like to exercise more but I’m too busy with work,
And also a little lazy.
I’m not hungry now but it’s my break,
And I’ll want something later so I’ll eat the sandwich now.

I think about my life.
I’ve got places to go, you know?
I like this town- I like it more than I thought.
The people are kind, the weather’s all right.
It’s kind of cold, but sometimes that’s nice.

But there are some things I have to do.
Things I started years ago.
I want to follow through.
There are decisions to make.
I have one life to live-
Am I living it right?
Do I want to go deep?
Do I want to go far?
What do I have to show for it?
All I have is this sandwich. And there’s a fly on it. Shoo.

Back to work.
I get out of my chair. I don’t look up. I’m not ready.
Out the door, I step into the night.
It’s not all perfect but it’s my life
And right now I’m ok with it.


4 thoughts on “Places to Go

  1. I loved this Katie. So much truth to it and definitely resonated with me. The ‘surprise ending’ of being ok with it hit me, because I tend to forget to go through my days with that. Lovely piece.

  2. Thanks Tony, Jill, and Sandra. It’s a very vulnerable piece that I wrote months ago and forgot about. I’m glad I posted it, because I feel a lot of city-dwellers can relate to it. Glad you liked it, and thanks for the responses.

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