Flying Canoe Reunites!

My accomplice Aaron Birr and I recently convened to discuss a new adventure planned for July 2015. While details of said adventure (think Pacific Ocean peril…) are pending, we are proud to show you this latest video from the Flying Canoe archives. Compliments Aaron for excellent editing.

New Webisode — Balance Balls and Indo Boards — FYA (For Young Adventurers)

The newest video in Katie Vogel’s FYA (For Young Adventurers) series is about balance. This webisode goes out to Brooklyn and Reagan in St. Paul. Go have adventures!

New Webisode Series: FYA (For Young Adventurers)

The Vogelian Adventure Bureau is proud to present its new series, FYA (For Young Adventurers), which showcases snippets about adventures and gear for budding explorers. The first webisode is “Carabiners and Compasses.” Pass it on to the young adventurers in your life!

Rising: A Poem to California

Rising Pic


Time-crunched, tired,
Erratic, out-of-control,
Fluid, true,
Golden, strong,
Vulnerable, victorious,
Blemished, unglued,
with confidence and desire,
Bold, bright,
with the fire
of something new.

There is a front moving in
It is I
I am the wind
the earth
the moon
they answer my call.

It is beginning.
The tide is rising.

It is carrying me home.

Of Charges Less than Treason


“But I am no anti-hero/ just a failed rogue/ a renegade who took/ the higher road”

Another beauty from Retcon.

Originally posted on Retkon Poet:

The thing about
bottoming out is you have
nowhere to go but up.

Just refill your cup,
it was conceived mostly

(Drowning would
not be quite so

This is my day in
a downtown court, with its
legalese and
planted jargon trees.

My sentencing will have to be death row to force this violent little storybook to cease. Any charge that’s less than treason is only purgatory for all its characters and prose, who are so far gone you wonder how they were ever protagonists at all.

But I am no anti-hero,
just a failed rogue,
a renegade who took
the higher road but

retreated when I saw
my weakness was
the rope

she’d use
to hang me from the backwoods
I once called home.

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Giant Bear Bike on White Bear Lake!

Only in Minnesota.

Aruba Sunset Timelapse Video

My first timelapse video! Made with GoPro Camera + Adobe Creative Suite.